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The Thompson-Ames Historical Society writes a
weekly column for the Gilford Steamer.

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6-29-05        Spot Light on Vintage Wood Working
Saturday Morning, July 9th at Grange

“Wood working” – the phrase conjures up images of a by-gone day when wood workers created items that were useful and prized not only in the past but down through the decades to today.

Thompson-Ames Historical Society, as it continues to preserve and celebrate Gilford’s cultural heritage, will present an activity on Saturday morning, July 9th that will feature vintage wood working tools and how they were used. It is hoped that old time wood workers as well as interested folks of all ages will gather at the Grange Museum Building at 8 Belknap Mountain Road in Gilford Village, from 10:00 a.m. until noon, to share their enthusiasm for vintage wood working.

On display will be a variety of vintage wood planes, several from Thompson-Ames Historical Society’s collections. Gus Pinto will bring some of his wood planes and demonstrate their uses as he talks with folks present. This will also be the case in respect to Jerry Lacroix, Jim Colby and Don Frost, who have planes that have been used in their families for several generations.

Samples of wood products created by using various planes will be on display. Also, there will be opportunities for interested folks to try their hands at using vintage wood planes.

Moreover, the spot light will also shine on Stan Piper’s demonstrating an antique wood lathe which receives its power from a foot-operated treadle, utilizing the same power source as vintage treadle sewing machines.
Wood workers have created countless wooden products that are all around us. These include moldings, tongue and groove fittings, paneled doors, frames for pictures and windows, turnings such as spindles and balusters of furniture and stair cases, to mention a few.

Of course, we must not overlook the wooden toys created to bring pleasure to children! A wide variety of wooden toys of historic design, still being created by Thompson-Ames Historical Society volunteers, will be on hand for all those who are young at heart to try their hands at manipulating.

Saturday morning, July 9th is certain to be a time that will rekindle old memories as well as create points of reference for future memories.
Open to the public free of charge, the Thompson-Ames Historical Society activity will include light refreshments of lemonade and oatmeal raisin cookies.

For further information, please call Thompson-Ames Historical Society at 527-9009. Also, Thompson-Ames Historical Society’s website www.gilfordhistoricalsociety.org is a good source of an overview of the historical society’s activities.