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The Thompson-Ames Historical Society writes a
weekly column for the Gilford Steamer.

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4-14-05          Albert T. Klyberg will speak on
“Fostering Active Membership”

Gilford’s Thompson-Ames Historical Society is fortunate to have the opportunity to host Albert T. Klyberg as a resource speaker on Friday afternoon, April 22nd. His 1:00 p.m. presentation, entitled “Fostering Active Membership – with an Emphasis on Recruiting and Keeping Volunteers,” will take place in Grange Hall, upstairs in the Grange Museum Building, at 8 Belknap Mountain Road, in Gilford Village, and is open to members of local historical societies.
Carolyn Brown, a member of Thompson-Ames Historical Society’s Board of Directors, has been instrumental in arranging this special resource presentation.
More than twenty years ago Carolyn got to know Al at the Rhode Island Historical Society where Al served as Executive Director, 1969 through 1999.
“Al has an extensive background of meaningful experience upon which to draw,” Carolyn commented when she suggested that Al be asked to come to Gilford as a resource speaker. “He developed a lot of programs which were dependent on volunteers and thus has experience recruiting, training, and retaining volunteers. Furthermore, he taught museum studies courses with quite a bit of emphasis on use of volunteers.”
During 1974-1994, Al served as Adjunct Professor of History at University of R.I. and Providence College, Rhode Island College, Salve Regina University, Brown University. Since 1960 he has published more than fifteen works, including reviews in New England Quarterly and William and Mary Quarterly.
Carolyn recalls, “In the mid-1980s, Al had a vision that led to the development of Heritage Harbor, Rhode Island’s first state-wide history museum, where he then served as Director of Museum and Program from 1999-2003.” After a brief pause Carolyn added, “In a recent historic roast, Al was not only honored for his historical achievements and sensitivity to ethnically and culturally diverse communities throughout Rhode Island but also recognized as one of Rhode Island’s premier humorists - - he has a delightful sense of humor!”
Thompson-Ames Historical Society believes that Al Klyberg’s extensive background as well as his more recent involvement in consulting and helping new museums get started will make for a truly meaningful presentation for members of Gilford’s historical society and other N. H. historical societies.
Light refreshments will be served during the Friday afternoon, April 22nd program..
Since seating space is limited, those who wish to attend this free two-hour presentation are asked to pre-register by telephoning 527-9009.
Copies of T-AHS’s 2005 Programs are now available. Also the calendar of events is posted on the society’s www.gilfordhistoricalsociety.org website.
For further information, please telephone T-AHS at 527-9009.