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The Thompson-Ames Historical Society
writes a weekly news release.

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3/19/06   Signs of Spring Abound

Spring is here -- and not just according to the calendar.

Azaleas have been in leaf for several weeks now, thanks to warmer temperatures that had come our way and had also triggered the flow of sap in the maples way back in February.

Cardinals have been vocal with their novel melody that always seems to play “Double Dutch” with my heart strings -- to borrow a term from jump-rope lingo.

Recently some of my daffodils have poked their leaves up through the soil, and any morning now I’m sure to find that the crocuses not only have followed suit but also have blossoms open ready to greet us. -- I’m eager to see the purple violas near the Rowe House doorway burst forth; in years past they’ve even blossomed while snow still covered the ground.

At Thompson-Ames Historical Society, preparations for another full year are well under way, with words of goings-on ready to spring into the news. -- Granted, winters aren’t “quiet” times at T-AHS, as the press releases have indicated.

Ah-h, but there is much to do before May rolls round. The grounds need to be raked and the three museum buildings need “spring housekeeping” to be done so that all is ready before the field trips for the kindergarteners and the third graders begin.

Also, more docents will be needed, many to be on hand during the field trips for the students while still more for “Open House” events as well as for requested guided tours. Plans are underway to familiarize prospective docents with the museum buildings and the 30 theme displays as well as to give such docents / tour guides several and varied opportunities to follow up their individual interests by meeting with “experts” in the fields. -- We always welcome more and more volunteers to help make history come alive!

By early April, materials for the Spring Mailing must be completed, collated, stuffed into envelopes, sorted according to bulk-mailing regulations, and mailed. -- Yes, we could use the help of some more volunteers so that the new calendar of events can arrive far enough in advance for members and others to learn about the events and to plan ahead.

April’s calendar is already over flowing with events, including T-AHS’s 2nd Annual Quilt Documentation Day on Saturday, April 22nd and a Special Resource Presentation: Speaker Harry Bacon on Tuesday, April 25th, an activity open free of charge to all volunteers interested in becoming docents.

By the end of April, we hope that all will be ready for the debut of T-AHS’s two raffle items, the quilted wall hanging (with this year’s theme being “Potter Hill Farm” circa1860) and a historic doll (reflective of Gilford women being able to vote for the first time in 1920).

May is the month when a new year’s cycle of Monday-night programs begins. Two mountaineers will set the stage for the Society’s customary eight evening programs.

May is a truly full month with the calendar marked for 17 school field trips, the Saturday, May 20th “Rowe House Gardens Plant and Bake Sale” (and even more planned for that day!), and some other Saturday morning special events.

Of course the Heritage Arts Bees will continue to be held the third Saturday morning of each month (except for November and December). What new genre will be spot lighted this year?

Plans for Old Home Day are on the drawing board as are details for a big event planned for Saturday, September 16th: “Heritage Textile Day”.

Yes, this is certain to be another full year!

We welcome the interest of even more people to find out about Thompson-Ames Historical Society and see where there are aspects that seem just right for getting involved in helping to make Gilford’s history come alive for youngsters as well as for other adults, some of whom reside locally and some of whom may just be stopping by on a vacation that may be bringing them here from some distant place in the USA or from some foreign country across the seas.

As usual, a warm welcome awaits all visitors at Thompson-Ames Historical Society’s museum displays.

* * * The long-range weather forecast indicates that this week the sap will be flowing freely in the maples at Bolduc Farm, on Morrill Street, in Gilford, and that the public will be invited to participate in another Maple Sugaring Time Gala on Saturday and Sunday, March 25th and 26th. Check in on T-AHS’s website www.gilfordhistoricalsociety.org for the dates and times.