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Volunteers are the backbone and lifeline of
Thompson-Ames Historical Society.
We need you!!

When people contact T-AHS with a desire to volunteer, a "Wish-List" is ready to be shared. Volunteer opportunities include learning to become and serving as docents / tour guides for open house and school field-trip activities, helping with exhibits / displays, assisting with computer work or office work, making wooden toys of historic design for use as part of field trips or for sale in the Gift Shoppe, weeding gardens, doing building maintenance and grounds work, sewing, learning and sharing vintage arts and crafts, to name a few.

Volunteer help is also needed to aid T-AHS with on-line technology needs and data input.

Other times people contact T-AHS with specific ideas that they wish to pursue as volunteers.

As the old adages go, "Many hands make light work!", "Two heads are better than one!", "The more, the merrier!"

VIEW the volunteer interest form here...